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The God Test App

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Author: Engage2020
Published: 28/04/2016


THEGODTEST helps begin dialogue on the critical issues of faith, skepticism, and the meaning of life.

Designed to promote interest and openness from the start, THEGODTEST features a proactive cover with images from every stream of religion, philosophy and science.

THEGODTEST promotes conversation with atheists, agnostics, believers, and everyone in-between. There are 10 questions for those who believe in God and 10 different questions for those who don’t. The central question is: “Do you believe in God?"

For training on Side A, watch this video, for training on Side B, watch this video.


It is critically important that, as Christians, we are able to accurately articulate the gospel message.


You are able to accurately articulate the gospel message without descending into an argument.

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