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Stir Pack 2

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Author: ReignMinistries
Published: 29/03/2016


After finishing Stir Pack 1 the next question young people often ask is "So what? What difference could it possibly make in my life to know that I am Spiritual?" We believe those spiritual thoughts and feeling show that young people have a desire to connect with someone or something bigger.

Stir Pack 2 introducing young people to people who are connecedt to God so that they can see how a relationship with Him has made a difference in their lives.


The Stir Pack can be used for meeting up with one person in a coffee shop or as curriculum for a small group of young people.


Young people finish this six-week course with a better understanding of what it looks like to relate to God and form a connection with Him. It is our hope that young people will want to start a relationship with God for themselves through the person of Jesus Christ.

Stir Pack 2 can be order here: http://reignministries.co.uk/thestirpack/stir-pack-2/

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