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Talking Head

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Author: CVM
Published: 21/10/2015


Talking Head is a new website from CVM where men tell their story. The introduction video showcases a full life, from a baby just after birth to an old man on his death bed, to ask the question 'is that all there is to life, or is there more?'

Talking Head’s website features a mass of short videos, each of them focused on a different man, with each of them sharing: how they discovered God, what they do for God, or how a relationship with God makes them feel.

An example of one of the Talking head testimonies:
One of the men, Dennis, was put off religion at a young age. He "hated it". However, when he was much older, he experienced a very memorable experience that would change his life. After being overworked, Dennis collapsed into a coma. While in this state, he could still hear the consultant say that he had between twenty to thirty minutes to live. His life was "in God's hands now", as the consultant said. However, Dennis did awake from his coma, and subsequently found out that he'd been dead for four and a half hours. Spurred on by the belief that he had been raised from the dead by God, Dennis turned to an old Christian friend: he wanted to know more.

Years later, he has seen many miracles and is now an ordained minister.


Talking head provides an opportunity to explore the stories of different men, in their journey to faith and their lives since.


Exploration of men's testimonies.

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