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Harvest Suppers

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Suitable for: Any or All Locations
Estimated costs: £10 - £40
Suggested frequency: Annually
Hosted by: You and/or your church
Activity: Food
Author: HOPE
Published: 09/09/2015


There are countless ways you could make your Harvest supper special for the members of your community. You could consider suggesting a menu ahead of the event, and then growing the necessary food yourselves. Perhaps you could hold a 'bring and share' event, dividing the responsibility between all those involved.

The event could be multi-cultural: therefore presenting a chance for many different types of unusual and exotic dishes to reflect different backgrounds. In fact, why not eat a typical meal from a developing country, but charged at a typical Western meal price? The proceeds could then go to charity. Alternatively you may decide to make the meal totally free, to be a blessing to the local community. You may decide to ask for donations, which could then be split between a range of local charities.

This event can be held almost anywhere, from the comfort of your own home, your own church, or the village hall. It depends on how many people want to attend.

For Entertainment you could consider:

  • Playing games or running a quiz.

  • Invite a band to play live.

  • Hold a ceilidh or barn dance.

As an alternative you may want to hold a cafe-style event with coffee, cakes, quizzes and games.


Harvest is a brilliant time to bring your community together for a celebration.


The hope is that people from the community would have an enjoyable experience. There could be potential for people to to connect more closely together through the event.

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Other requirements

Access To Toilets
Public Licence
Disabled access
Health and Saftey

Additional requirements: It depends on where the meal is held. Public Licence and Disabled Access may not need to be major considerations.

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