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Community sports day

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Location Tried: Any or All Locations
Estimated costs:
Suggested frequency: Daily
Hosted by: Local church
Activity: Sports
Author: Sharejesusinternational
Published: 17/03/2015


Sports unite people of all ages, races and backgrounds. Putting on a community sports day could be a brilliant way to bring the whole community together.


You can either direct your event at a specific age group or you can try to make it suitable for all ages. Sport is such a great unifier that this is a good opportunity to bring everyone together in one event, so if possible, the greater diversity of people who can be involved in this event the better.


This event must take place in a big open space, preferably highly visible and well frequented by members of the community. This could be a park, sports grounds or school fields.


This event can be run at a date that fits with your church’s current rhythm of mission, taking into consideration how the event might compliment or clash with your existing church programme. Think about when is right for the people you are inviting. In order to maximise your appeal, choose a time that is not in competition with other events in the community. For this event a week night would be advisable as restaurants are less busy and more able to accommodate such an event. If many people in your community commute to work make sure you give them enough time to get back for the event.


• To welcome people into an atmosphere of fun and celebration and build community through sport.
• To provide an opportunity for Christians from the church/churches to meet people who live and work locally and invite friends to a fun, free event.
• To enable people from the local area to experience Christian community and have their perceptions of the Christian faith challenged.


Celebrate the Church’s birthday and highlight its heritage, diversity and positive contributions to society. This idea can be found in more detail on the Share Jesus International website.

The Biggest Party Ever

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