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UCB Bags of Hope

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Location Tried: Any or All Locations
Estimated costs: Free, only postage is charged.
Suggested frequency: Quarterly
Hosted by: You, local church, christian organisation.
Activity: Community
Author: UCB
Published: 23/12/2014


The 'Bag Of Hope' is a free gift that provides the opportunity to share hope and the message of the Gospel. Each bag includes products from a range of UCB and OneHope publications that share great messages from the Bible through unique storytelling and illustrations. Order as many free Bags Of Hope as you need before the deadline for the current season. All we ask is that you help us by covering the cost of the postage.

Ideas for how to use the Bag Of Hope:

  • Use the 'Bag Of Hope' as the starting point for a Christmas gift to everyone in your youth group.

  • Hand out 'Bags Of Hope' to all those who attend your Christmas services, especially if you're inviting in members of your local community.

  • Give out 'Bags of Hope' at your local foodbank.

  • Give out 'Bags of Hope' on your doorstep to 'trick or treaters', during Halloween.

  • Offer 'Bags Of Hope' as part of outreach events in collaboration with local charities or Christian organisations.

  • Work with your local school to distribute Bags Of Hope to children on the last day of a term.


UCB 'Bags of Hope' are a free tool for Christians and local churches to provide messages of hope from the bible, in an attractive, and user friendly way. They engage parents and children together, or teenagers, and are easy to use as part of most evangelistic activities.


The gospel is shared with a range of people.

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