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Being culturally and currently aware

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Author: uglyducklingcompany
Published: 30/09/2014


Invest time in discovering the culture of your local community, workplace etc. Spend time in the places, with the people you are hoping to reach. When seeking to evangelise in an area it is important to know the culture: How are things done? How do people interact? Is there a hierarchy, a dress code?

One way of doing this is to spend time with people in the community, get to know the culture well. Alternatively, ensure that each activity, mission or ministry is influenced and where possible supported by people who know the culture well.

Generation's will also have a different language and a different world view. Think about what makes sense to this generation of people in this community.


Every generation, community, workplace and organisation has its own culture, to reach people with the Gospel it is important to understand how to approach them to form a rapport.

The Apostle Paul considered this important. In 1 Corinthians 9:19-23 he explains how he tailored his approach to the people he was reaching. He knew, as we can see in practice, that people respond better to people in whom they have things in common and can relate to.


Community engagement and the sharing of faith.

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