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Be Joyful

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Author: uglyducklingcompany
Published: 30/09/2014


Be joyful in the way you do things or see things. Choose to be joyful, count your blessings and display the inner joy of knowing Jesus. If you don't feel joyful at the moment, ask God.


One of the fruits of the Spirit is joy, and it could be defined as a great sense of happiness, but it is more than that. Happiness itself is affected by situations and challenges. True joy is built on knowing Jesus, on the security of grace. Choosing to be joyful, to look to Jesus and not to the situation, grows faith, is built on hope and has a foundation in love. It expresses something of the true wonder of being a Christian and displays Jesus goodness. It provides the opportunity for explaining why you are joyful.


Joy can be infectious, used well it encourages and inspires. People will want to know the source of your joy.

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