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Celebrating Lliswerry BBQ Party and Plant Swap

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Location Tried: City (suburb inner city city centre)
Estimated costs: £200
Suggested frequency: Annually
Hosted by: Local Church
Activity: Community
Author: Lozbrackpool
Published: 30/09/2014


Setup a free community BBQ to celebrate the local area. The Celebrating Lliswerry BBQ Parties have taken place on Whitsun Bank Holiday Mondays. Invitations were delivered to every resident, asking them to come and help celebrate this community. There were a range of activities suited to engage with different age groups. Games were put on for the kids, free food was given out, garden/cafe style furniture was placed in the outside area of the church. People were invited to bring cuttings of plants, as part of a plant swap on tables outside the church, which was phenomenally popular.


In this particular area of Newport, many local residents felt there was nothing to do and that there was a lack of community spirit in the area. By the church celebrating the community, and by inviting everyone to come, the church becomes a vehicle for neighbourhood cohesion, and blesses the area. Relationships are able to be built with those that might have been met through door to door ministries or those who come to the church's Toddler Group.

This is a chance to bless the community, to give them something for free, and ask for nothing in return, which speaks of grace and blessing.


Those who came had an enjoyable time, relationships were built, which enabled helpful conversations. One couple attended, and then later came to a special invitation service, during which they became Christians, and they then went onto discipleship courses. Whilst the BBQ party did not achieve the outcomes in isolation, it was a helpful step on the journey because relationships were built. Those who didn't come, were pleased to be invited to a party, and it led to growth in relationships when we met with them during door to door ministry or on other occasions.

Other requirements

Access To Toilets
External Lighting
Health and Saftey
Risk assessment

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