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Speaker and a Meal

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Location Tried: Town (town centre)
Estimated costs: £300 depends on meal and whether you hav to pay the speakers or their expenses.
Suggested frequency: Annually
Hosted by: Local Church
Activity: Food
Author: janebrackpool
Published: 22/09/2014


Our church has a bi-annual mission week which had become more and more complicated as the years went by. To change the format, either prominent well known Christians or people with an inspiring life changing story were invited, one for each evening of the week to give their testimonies. Food was included, sometimes a meal, cheese and biscuits or puddings. The gospel was clearly given and an invitation to find out more was offered


People are interested in people, their stories and their lives. Inviting a prominent Christian speaker makes it easier to invite people. It is the testimony itself that is effective, and how God uses that testimony. But it is the status of the person or the general interest in their story that will draw a crowd. Food is a helpful way of connecting with others, it provides a relaxed atmosphere and people are more likely to come if they are being fed.


Fellowship, small steps of faith, the sharing that occurred was important.

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