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Go (youth) camping!

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Location Tried: Rural (village hamlet)
Estimated costs:
Suggested frequency: Annually
Hosted by: St Madoc Centre
Activity: Outdoors
Author: uglyducklingcompany
Published: 19/07/2017


St Madoc is a youth centre in south Wales, just off the coast near Llanmadoc. The Gower is an amalgamation of incredible and varied scenery, and it’s where groups go to learn, grow and have fun.


Camps like St Madoc can have an incredible impact simply because of the displacement factor. When you leave your traditional environment, you open yourself up to things that, in the everyday, you might not experience or consider. For many, nature can be an escape, but really, it’s a return: a homecoming to what has always been. It inspires people for many different reasons, but that place of quiet and inspiration, however it comes, is a powerful building block for relationships with God and with each other. And when St Madoc operates as a youth camp for schools and church groups, it also embodies with the God that provides for our needs: love, support, companionship, food, a safe place to sleep. In many ways, this experience can be transformative.


A renewed connection with nature, increased self-esteem, renewed inspiration

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