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Message of HOPE

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Location Tried: City (suburb inner city city centre)
Estimated costs: £10
Suggested frequency: Any or All
Hosted by: Local Church
Activity: Community
Author: Chrisduffett
Published: 16/09/2014


We decided to offer messages of hope.

To do this we wrote messages on suitable sized stones, using permanent markers. These stones were then offered to anyone who wanted one.

A further two methods were used to give out the stones. On one occasion a pile of stones were placed on the floor and people were invited to take a stone. On a different occasion the stones were placed in a variety of public locations.


This activity was designed to encourage people, using non threatening approaches, to introduce the hope God brings.

This is a non-directive approach to evangelism and took place in a local coffee shop, while a small team of three sat nearby and prayed quietly.


People were encouraged and some felt God spoke to them through the messages. One man picked up a message that said ‘peace be with you.’ He said “that was exactly what I needed.”

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