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2 Ways To Live App (Android)

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Author: MatthiasMedia
Published: 09/05/2016


Two Ways to Live is a memorable summary of the Christian gospel. In six simple points, it conveys the key information that the average non-Christian person needs to understand in order to become a Christian. And it does so in a way that does not assume any prior knowledge or understanding of Christian concepts. The six points not only provide a brief summary of the whole story of the Bible, but fit logically together as a coherent set of propositions.

1. God the creator; humanity ruling under his authority.
2. Humanity rebels, wishing to run things its own way.
3. God judges (and will judge) humanity for this rebellion.
4. In his love, God sends Jesus to die as an atoning sacrifice.
5. In his power, God raises Jesus to life as ruler and judge.
6. This presents us with a challenge to repent and believe.

To download the app visit Google Play.


If you're interested in finding out more about Christianity, this app is for you. Or perhaps you'll want to use it to talk to someone about Jesus, or send it to them as a gift.


Strengthen your faith and easily share it with others.

PLEASE NOTE: This app is not produced by Matthias Media and is therefore not the official 2 Ways To Live app.

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