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Just Stop and Think Video

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Activity: Film
Author: JustStopAndThink
Published: 25/04/2016


This DVD includes the 15-minute film that started it all, “Stop & Think” with Francis Chan, as well as outtakes from the film, some behind-the-scenes photos, a beautiful nature montage and the option for Spanish subtitles. See why hundreds of thousands of people from more than 30 countries worldwide are calling “Stop & Think” the perfect “media tract” for friends, co-workers, churches and organizations. Finally! A video that clearly explains the Good News of Jesus Christ in a “non religious” way.
Watch it for free here on YouTube.


The whole message of the Bible is not about this God who wants to take from you. It’s about this God who wants to give to you. Francis Chan delivers an unforgettable message that could change your life.


Over the past 10 years we are constantly in awe of how effective the local church can be at reaching out to their local communities. We are constantly getting encouraging emails and phone calls letting us know that our DVDs and YouTube videos are helping them share the gospel with those around them. Below, you will see some a short list of church outreach ideas that have been proven over time.

This is one of the easiest ways to equip your congregation to reach out. Build a page specifically about your church services and embed the free YouTube video “Stop and Think” on that page. Remember, the goal is not only to get them to watch the video, but to show up at your church service the following Sunday.

We have churches that have been ordering DVDs for years for their small group ministries. They will watch the video as a group and then work together to reach their neighbors with the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Churches order DVDs from our website and include them in their visitor packs that get given out at the Sunday service to first time attenders. The response is amazing. We are here to help equip the local church with tools for effective evangelism.

Did you know that Cornerstone Community Church in Simi Valley hand delivered a DVD to every home? They went to over 50,000 homes in one week walking up and down the streets placing DVDs on the doorsteps of their neighbors. You can do it too. Shoot us an email, or give us a call and we’d be happy to work with you to reach your city with the Gospel.

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