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Share A Verse

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Author: EternityImpact
Published: 19/04/2016


Here's an evangelism challenge: look for opportunities to share a verse with people you cross paths with!
You could share a verse that God has been using in your life and tell a non-Christian friend or co-worker what you've been learning.
You could share an encouraging verse with a non-Christian friend or co-worker that is going through a hard time.
You could post a verse on Facebook.
You could also transition to a verse in conversation with a stranger and see where that leads.


God's Word is powerful and God's Word always changes peoples' hearts and minds! We often make the mistake of trying to share the Gospel without actually going to scripture. We can also believe the lie that people won't appreciate scripture until they know Christ.


Try transitioning to a verse in conversation with a stranger and see where that leads.

"I did this the other day and it wasn't awkward at all. I got up to the line at Walmart and saw a gentleman waiting. I asked him, "are you in line?" He said, "no, just looking for my wife." I immediately responded, "I don't know whether you've ever read the Bible but the Bible says he who finds a wife finds a good thing." The man laughed and responded, "well I hope when I find her she doesn't have too much in her cart." At that point the line opened up and, being in a hurry, I had to go. I didn't get to go further in that conversation but realized how easily that fun verse transitioned the conversation to a spiritual conversation! Whether you're bringing up a verse with a stranger, co-worker, neighbor, friend or relative, sharing God's Word with people is always a good way to get into a spiritual conversation!"

"There is a student that has been coming by to get a random verse from me in the cafeteria on a very regular basis the last few years. Once he asked me for a random verse and the random verse I opened up to had to do with salvation. That opened up into a conversation about the gospel and a lot more verses. About a week later another guy I had met a time or two came up and told me, "you remember how you were talking to that other student about receiving Christ last week?" I said, "yes." He continued, "I've always been spiritual and have always watched church services on TV every Sunday but something was always missing. As I eavesdropped on your conversation last week I realized the thing that was missing was receiving Christ. I had never done what you were talking about so I took that step last week. Thank you for sharing that verse with that other student." Wow!!! That amazing story would never have happened if I hadn't been applying this idea."

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