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G7 App

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Location Tried: Any or All Locations
Estimated costs: Free
Suggested frequency: Any or All
Hosted by: You
Activity: Online
Author: TrainToProclaim
Published: 11/04/2016


An interactive gospel sharing app.
Video and Interactive presentation options
Easy to use - just read and tap, or just play the video
No jargon
Visually appealing
Short and long versions - 5min or 7min (for the interactive version)
Personalize it for the person you are sharing with
Insert your own photo in to customize it for you (for the long version only - select under menu)
Versatile - share with your family, friends, workmates, neighbors, and even total strangers
Helps you create the opportunity to share the Gospel with the option of an icebreaker quiz (even adds up the score for you!)
Comprehensive yet easy to understand
Customized automated emails sent to anyone wanting to know more
Narration bar can be turned on or off
Use it on or off-line
Results can be uploaded - Link in with others around the world using this presentation
No other Gospel App like it - very sophisticated yet easy to use!

Available to download from The App Store & Google Play


If you are looking for a fantastic presentation of the Gospel that you can use with your family, friends, workmates and even total strangers, then this is the App for you. A must have for anyone wanting to share a clear Gospel message in an interesting and loving way. Best Gospel presentation App available, there is nothing else like it!


Easy to share your faith with your family, friends, workmates and even total strangers.

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