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Bringing light on Black Friday

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Location Tried: Any or All Locations
Estimated costs: £21
Suggested frequency: Daily
Hosted by: You.
Activity: Community
Author: Chrisduffett
Published: 07/12/2015


We bought 7 lightbulbs from a local shop. Pete, a volunteer from the light project, and I, wrote simple messages about light in darkness on the boxes and then took to the streets of Peterborough, to find the 7 people that God intended them for.


If you had hundreds of bulbs to giveaway, the task would be simplified to offering them to everyone. Only distributing seven bulbs relied more on prayer, and God speaking through hunches and prompts, to find the intended recipients.


We found 7 people, each of whom we felt had been a 'God-incidence'. One person needed a light bulb replacing in their kitchen that had broken that morning, another had lots of questions about faith, another felt the message was for him. Every one of the 7 we met and offered bulbs to, connected with the simple gesture.

Each one of the encounter’s were very different and we had varying conversations with each person. It was such a simple thing to do, yet turned out to be deeply profound for those we met and also for us.

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