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Crazy Way Videos

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Author: CVM
Published: 20/10/2015
Website: www.crazyway.tv


Crazy Way television features videos that document opinions, experiences and actions on the behalf of God. These all come from men, who share their own thoughts so that other men, have a chance to hear what it's like to be a Christian.

An example from the selection of films, is the story of Phil Norton. Former policeman, Phil Norton has recorded a touching video, in which he explains about a crash that could have killed him. An unfortunate set of circumstances led to him colliding into an abandoned engine box (causing him to flip into the air), before two cars crashed into his vehicle. Not only did Norton survive, but as he says, "there was no major blood loss" and "no broken bones".

Norton also went on to elaborate that he's not going to try and convince anyone about what he thinks happen, but he wants to share his side of the story, and let other people discover their own conclusion.


The videos provide an opportunity, for life experiences to be shared, enabling people to discover God themselves. By sharing experiences and ideas honestly, other people are helped to look back on their own past, and realise where God has been present in their lives.


Men may realise how big of an influence Jesus has been on their lives.

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