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The Crazy Way booklet

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Author: CVM
Published: 20/10/2015


You've got to be crazy to follow Jesus, right? Or is there more to it? Some say that the message of the Bible doesn't apply to men these days. But what if that's wrong? Carl Beech, leader of Christian Vision for Men, uncovers the myths surrounding Jesus, the Church, and where we stand in this anything-goes world.

Grab a cuppa, or a pint, and open up this booklet to see real life no-holds-barred stories from the likes of Portsmouth FC legend Linvoy Primus and ex-SAS Sergeant Major Mark Davies, the story of Jesus and the cross in real down-to-earth language, and much more for you to get your head round.


This booklet helps men explore the gospel using language they can understand, communicated in a medium that they can relate to.


Men explore faith. "CVM's Crazy Way booklet is not only the best gospel tract for men I've ever seen, it's one of the best I've ever read...period." - Mike Vickers, evangelist.

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