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Discussion Group that is genuinely neutral

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Location Tried: City (suburb inner city city centre)
Estimated costs: pays for itself
Suggested frequency: Monthly
Hosted by: You.
Activity: Community


Set up a discussion group that is genuinely neutral and is part of the community.

Partner with a non-Christian to run the group, so that the leadership is transparently clear of any evangelistic agenda. Hold it in a pub setting.

This idea is made easier by the www.meetup.com website, the 'ebay of meetings'. On 'Meetup' People will have already joined and registered their interest in various topics, such as 'spirituality'.  When you set up a group on the website, those people will be informed and will likely join your gathering.


There are many wonderful issues to discuss. This format allows for stimulating conversation for everyone.

As issues are discussed, share your opinion naturally. Relax about the direction of the conversation, let God do his work, as the deepest issues in life like 'why are we here?' are genuinely discussed.


People have loved these events.

Other requirements

Additional requirements: I have a set of notes on how to do this.

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