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TLG: The Education Charity

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Location Tried: Any or All Locations
Estimated costs: Early Intervention Programme- £100-£150 pcm, Education Centres- up to £30,000
Suggested frequency: Daily
Hosted by: Your church/local community
Activity: Community
Author: HOPE
Published: 13/10/2015


TLG is a charity with a Christian ethos, enabling churches to work with children and young people at risk of exclusion from school, or in crisis in their education. They work in primary and secondary schools, with children who show behavioural difficulties, and with pupils who have been excluded from mainstream education.

Primary Schools (ages 7-11)
Prevention is better than cure; so with use of the Early Intervention Programme, TLG trains groups of between two and ten volunteer behaviour coaches from congregations, to work in their local primary schools. These volunteers, led by a co-ordinator, offer coaching one hour a week, during term time, to children who may be struggling with their behaviour. During the hour, the children work on design projects that are curriculum based, as well as activities that cultivate strategies for behaviour management. The room and art materials are provided by the school and all the resources for the programme are included in the training given by TLG.

Secondary schools (11-16 year olds)
At secondary school level, TLG can partner with your church to set up an alternative education centre in a church hall or community centre. You will need to employ a staff team to work with vulnerable young people in an environment that resembles a hybrid of an education centre and a youth centre.


The Early Intervention Programme offers a structure that brings school, church and family together in a way that ensures improvement for the children, who are struggling.

The Education Centre will engage the young people for a term or more, working on their learning and behaviour difficulties, and seeking to integrate them back into mainstream school. After-school activities and family support are an opportunity for the church to engage the young people and their families.


Ben's story:
“We adopted Ben when he was 18 months old. It was very stressful from the start. Psychologists said his problems stemmed from deep-seated issues he had before he was adopted. When he hit other children, it wasn’t because he wanted to hurt them; he wanted to be noticed. Ben ran away a lot and was very badly behaved. He was unaware of dangerous situations and would often run out in front of cars. He started nursery at three and was always fighting with other children. When it was time for me to pick Ben up at the end of school, I would feel physically sick. Teachers would call me in to explain what he’d been doing wrong. Parents would even shout abuse at me across the playground because of what Ben had done to their children.' 

'When Ben was in reception class, the school threatened to exclude him. I was devastated and heartbroken. I’d waited so long to have a child and assumed he’d be perfect. I just had no idea how to change his behaviour.'

'Last October, at a parent’s evening, we were asked if we wanted Carolyn to help give him some one-to-one support, with his anger problems. We absolutely jumped at the chance! Early Intervention coaching has been a godsend; an absolute miracle. Carolyn is lovely and very calming. She calls me weekly about Ben’s progress and Pastor Mark from the church also visits us regularly. Ben has learned how to deal with his anger, to think about good and bad choices and about consequences to his actions. He’s changed a lot: he’s matured. His teacher who has seen him the longest- and at his worst- said to me Ben’s a completely different child. He is one of the most polite boys in the school. He has even started approaching other children in the playground when they’re fighting and acting as a mediator!'

'I have a lot more sympathy for parents in the same situation now. When I see a child kicking off with their mother, I just go over to the mum. I touch her arm and say ‘it won’t always be like this. It will get easier.’ Ben has completely changed and I can finally see a light at the end of the tunnel.' Lisa

Dillon’s story:
“Dillon came to TLG having been previously excluded from a number of different schools and alternative provisions. He had spent time in a young offender’s prison for robbery and had been arrested on a number of occasions. In his first week at TLG he was involved in a number of aggressive situations, leading to questions as to whether he could continue the programme. However, with ongoing support and guidance from the staff team, Dillon’s behaviour changed dramatically within a short space of time. He became a lot calmer, constantly checking on his behaviour and refusing to rise to other students’ comments or taunts.'

'The change seen in both his academic work and his attitude has been remarkable and family and teachers have both noticed the difference.'

Dillon comments: ‘My biggest achievements since being at TLG is that I’ve learned how to get on with everyone. I’m more polite- my mum says “how come you talk so nice!” That’s the biggest change in me. I didn’t used to give no-one a chance and I was always arguing over something. I’ve really changed.'

Dillon recently undertook a work experience placement and left with the glowing praise of his supervisor who described him as ‘a model student with a hunger for knowledge’. Since leaving TLG, Dillon has enrolled on a full-time college course where has completed a number of IT, English and maths qualifications with 100% attendance. He is now studying to be an IT practitioner.'

Contact details:
For those who are interested in finding out more TLG have regular Church Leader Days that will give you all the information you need. You can find out when the next day is at www.tlg.org.uk or by contacting the National Partnership Manager on 0845 5083242.

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