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The Hungry Games - Harvest activity

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Suitable for: Any or All Locations
Estimated costs: £10-£40
Suggested frequency: Annually
Hosted by: Local church.
Activity: Community
Author: uglyducklingcompany
Published: 05/10/2015


Why not invite your friends and community to join you in a sponsored ‘Hungry Games’ to raise money for a charity that provides food and water for the poorest people groups, such as ‘Samaritans Purse’, ‘Compassion’ or ‘Water Aid’.

The ‘Hungry Games’ involves gathering people together into teams, to complete a series of challenges against one another, over the course of a Saturday, whilst fasting. The challenges could be connected to the life stories of one of the people groups that you are raising money for.
It could include:

  • Building structures from simple materials.

  • If you have a suitable location, gathering wood and creating their own fires.

  • Water is provided only from a tap at a nearby location, teams have to use a small camping water container and carry their water.

  • Creating shelters from cardboard.

  • A limited food parcel delivery of rice from the UN, teams have to decide how to divide the food, and cook it.


We all know that completing the most basic tasks can be a challenge when hungry, from desk work to physical labour our minds and bodies find it difficult to function fully without the right nourishment. For many of the poorest people in the world this is a daily reality.

The Hungry Games is a prayer activity, helping your church engage in the suffering of others, leading them to compassionate prayer, a prophetic activity helping the church and community understand the importance of justice, and a missional activity practically helping to change the lives of others through social action.


Increased understanding of the plight of others.  Money raised to support them.  Connections made with others in your local community.

Other requirements

Access To Toilets
Disabled access
Health and Saftey
Risk assessment

Additional requirements:

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