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Harvest sports competition

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Suitable for: Any or All Locations
Estimated costs: £0-£30
Suggested frequency: Annually
Hosted by: Your church
Activity: Outdoors
Author: hope
Published: 22/09/2015


Harvest can be an opportunity to celebrate our health and give thanks for our bodies, by involving young people in community sports challenges and competitions.

Hold a half-day sports event, giving young people the opportunity to engage in a variety of sports and competitions. In addition to football, hockey and rounders competitions, consider having some Harvest-themed challenges that could utilize food, such as food eating challenges, or food relays, etc.

Also consider:

  • Concluding the activity with a barbecue (maybe with a small fee to cover costs).

  • Giving away trophies, medals, prizes and/or certificates.

  • Utilizing sports that can appeal to all ages, and both genders.

  • Having a prayer team pray for the young people who participate.

  • Developing a regular sports activity for the community. Other community activities could involve litter picking and graffiti clearing; which could serve local community centres, schools and residential homes, as well as individuals and families in the community.


This sports day activity provides young people with opportunities for leisure. It may also encourage them to be more active in the future. The day is an opportunity to build relationships with young people in the community, whilst empowering your youth group to lead, and facilitate these activities.


Increased activity, fitness and community connections.

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