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Mediterranean themed evening

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Suitable for: Any or All Locations
Estimated costs: £30 - £300, depending on activities.
Suggested frequency: Annually
Hosted by: You
Activity: Food
Author: uglyducklingcompany
Published: 24/06/2015


Recreate the atmosphere of the Mediterranean with a warm summer's evening of food, music, and laughter. Whether you prefer the Meze of Greece, or the Tapas of Spain, there are a number of great ways to spend an evening connecting with others.

You could:

  • Invite your neighbours, or your whole street if you have the space, you could even make it an annual jamboree.

  • Book a local musician or play background music and provide flamenco style guitars, for people to enjoy.

  • Have a tapas feast, asking each person to make a different small dish.


A themed event helps break down barriers and start conversations. Pray for opportunities to talk about faith with your guests, and wait to see how God naturally develops conversations. Take an interest in your guests: what social activities do they enjoy? Where do they work? Etc. As conversations grow, connections are made and at some point you will probably have opportunities to discuss faith.


Get to know you neighbours better and have an enjoyable evening.

Other requirements

Access To Toilets

Additional requirements: Food Hygiene considerations

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