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Creation based ‘flash mob’

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Suitable for: Town (town centre)
Estimated costs: Free
Suggested frequency: One-Off
Hosted by: Small group, team or local church.
Activity: Art
Author: uglyducklingcompany
Published: 16/06/2015


Retell the story of creation in a prominent community location using a 'Flash Mob'.  Use dance, and an upbeat song such as the Rend Collective’s ‘Create in me’.

Think about:

  • Be creative, how could you express each stage of the story, and God’s involvement in an interesting and engaging manner?

  • Which of your friends or church family could help?

  • Make sure it is a quality sounding production; otherwise it will lose its effect.


Flash mobs are enjoyable activities designed to make an impact. Their strength is the surprise factor. They seem completely unplanned, when in reality preparation is the most important part. A flash mob explaining the creation story uses art to convey an important message, in a thought-provoking manner.


An enjoyable experience that creates a sensation and explains God’s work in creation.

Other requirements

Risk assessment

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