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Create a beach

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Suitable for: Any or All Locations
Estimated costs: £200 depending on the size and scope of the activities.
Suggested frequency: One-Off
Hosted by: Local church.
Activity: Community
Author: uglyducklingcompany
Published: 16/06/2015


If you have a church with land attached, or can get permission at a community location, why not transform a small area into a beach. Buy in some sand, paddling pools, and create a beach atmosphere.

You could:
• Hold a beach party every other weekend during the summer.
• Use the beach as part of an activity or sports holiday club.
• Organise a series of events for different ages
• Hold a Beach BBQ
• Host a volleyball contest.


Serve the community, by creating an unusual and engaging activity. Help parents by providing activities to occupy them and their children during the holidays. Build relationships.


Community activities provided, and connections made with the church.

Other requirements

Access To Toilets
Health and Saftey
Risk assessment

Additional requirements: You will need some way of covering the beach area when not in use.

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