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Stick walking with your mates and their kids

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Suitable for: Any or All Locations
Estimated costs: Free
Suggested frequency: Annually
Hosted by: You
Activity: Outdoors
Author: uglyducklingcompany
Published: 15/06/2015


Find your nearest woodland, forestry commission location or even a large park. Start by challenging the children to find the best walking stick (not necessarily the largest - discouraging the use of whole trees), and then head off like polar explorers discovering new territory.

At some point a young child will likely pretend to use the stick as a gun, another will want to use it as a machete to decapitate the flora. As long as they are not doing irreparable damage to nature, encourage their imagination.


Play imagination games pretending to become a pirate captain, a soldier etc. The children will enjoy playing in this way, and it will create a fun environment for the dads to connect with their kids. Conversations will likely naturally develop and friendships deepened.


An enjoyable way to spend time together as fathers and children.

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