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Good News evangelistic newspaper

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Estimated costs: 14p per paper plus p&p
Suggested frequency: Monthly
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Author: AndyH
Published: 02/06/2015


Good News, is a contemporary outreach newspaper, used by churches and missions to take the good news about Jesus Christ into communities across the UK. Every month, Good News, reaches thousands of readers with true stories of how God is changing the lives of those who put their trust in his Son, Jesus. Using jargon-free language, it also explains how everyone can find a personal relationship with Jesus.


Good News, is different from most other Christian publications, in that it is designed specifically for non-Christians. It is an ideal 'bridge builder' from the church to the community.
Although every issue contains the Gospel message, and God can and does speak to people through that without our help, ideally the paper should be seen as an initial 'sowing of seed', which creates opportunities for follow-up. Our responsibility for evangelism doesn't end at the door the paper is put through - that's just the beginning, an opening for conversation. Most people come to Christ through friends and friendly people; Good News is a thought-provoker, a tool the Holy Spirit can use to start people on a spiritual journey. It gives an opportunity for you to come back to the door and ask what they thought about it, or go back to the friend you gave it to and start a conversation about faith.


Distributors of Good News come back to us with remarkable stories of what God has done with the paper, and we are delighted at how many non-Christians are happy to receive the paper when asked. Our response coupon system indicates a steady stream of conversions to Christ, and as nearly 80,000 copies are given out across the UK each month, many people are reading about Christ for the first time.

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Additional requirements: Just enthusiasm and commitment needed!

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