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Street Party

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Suitable for: Any or All Locations
Estimated costs: Varies depending on activities, and the amount of the costs that are shared with your neighbours.
Suggested frequency: Daily
Hosted by: You and your neighbours.
Activity: Community
Author: uglyducklingcompany
Published: 20/04/2015


Could you organise a street party in your area? You could invite all of your neighbours to take part, and seek permission to close the street. Alternatively if available, you could use a nearby public space, or large front garden. The key is to work together with your neighbours to setup the event, and ensure everyone is invited.


In 2012 the streets of Britain were closed and lined with tables to celebrate the Queens Royal Jubilee. Many people enjoyed the sense of community spirit and the chance to get to know their neighbours better. A street party is not only an occasion to enjoy food together; it also creates an opportunity to work on a joint project, with your neighbourhood. Relationships often flourish when people work together with shared aims, and this in turn leads to meaningful conversation.


Community spirit increases, relationships grow in your community.

Other requirements

Health and Saftey
Risk assessment

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