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Puzzling Questions

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Suggested frequency: Weekly
Hosted by: Friends, family, church
Activity: Other
Author: uglyducklingcompany
Published: 14/01/2014


Puzzling Questions is a pre-Alpha enquiry course. It explores the six questions often asked by those who are outside the church but interested in spirituality. Over six weeks delegates explore the questions: Who am I? What is God like? What happens after I die? How can I be happy? Why is there suffering in the world? What is the spiritual realm and how does it impact my life?

The content of the course is presented in the form of six thirty minutes magazine style programmes: hosted by Mal Pope (wrote fireman sam), Mal leads the programme through a vox pop, poetry (Stewart Henderson), naked interview (two minute personal story), music video and the big interview (15 minute Michael Parkinson style interview with someone with a personal life story that connects with the big question).

The normal format of the course if food - presentation - discussion


Creates a space for people to explore some of life's bigger questions.


Many of those who attend the course find space to explore some of life's deeper questions... it helps them identify their own questions, discover their own vocabulary and often moves them on in their spiritual journey.

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