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Woodbine Willie

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Author: ICF
Published: 17/12/2014


Woodbine Willie was the nickname of the Rev. Geoffrey Studdert Kennedy, who volunteered as a chaplain on the Western Front during World War One.

He won the Military Cross for his reckless courage helping wounded soldiers in No Man’s Land. This superb recorded theatrical performance shows the vital role he played on the battlefields of Belgium.

A collection of short films has been produced, and can be purchased at www.woodbinewillie.org.uk or by writing to ICF, PO BOX 414, Horely, RH6 8WL. For more information on Old Piano Films, visit www.oldpianofilms.com.


Designed for use in churches, schools and similar contexts, the full collection of these short films offer a unique insight into the moral and ethical struggles of a serving chaplain of World War 1. Woodbine Willie's testimony reflects the truth of the gospel, in the most harrowing of circumstances.


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