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Forgive quickly

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Author: uglyducklingcompany
Published: 07/10/2014


Forgive quickly. Whilst you can't ensure that people won't let you down, you can forgive quickly. In the workplace, with your neighbours, at the school gates refuse to hold a grudge. Showing this kindness will speak volumes about your values and will give glory to God.


In response to Peter's question about forgiveness, Jesus instructed him to forgive 70 times 7 (Matthew 18:22). Although he specified a number, he meant always forgive. When you forgive someone you release that person from their obligation of guilt for their actions. You are freeing them. In practice you are also freeing yourself from harbouring anger. Quickly forgiving diffuses awkward situations and goes further than the natural expectations of those around you. They may wonder why and how this was possible, which can lead to helpful conversations about grace, and how we can all be forgiven even more by God. After all, how can we not forgive when we have been forgiven so much?


To create an opportunity to talk about grace, releasing others from the burden of guilt.

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